God of War: Ascension

As you guys might already know, God of War 4 or God of War: Ascension has already been confirmed and has been dated to be released on the 12th of March 2013. The first ever gameplay video of the campaign was shown at Sony's press conference at E3. Check out the amazing 7 minute gameplay demo:

God of War Ascension - Campaign Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j1QOCbAoRts

The story takes place before Kratos became the God of War and as you can see from the demo, being mortal is not stopping him from being the hard-as-nails character we have come to adore. The action is going to be flawless and relentless as before and the combos are just as beautiful. We will be getting new items, new weapons, new abilities, new enemies which also mean new brutal ways of killing the enemies! Although with our modded controllers, this is something you're already used to.

Everyone knows what made the previous installments so amazing was the epic boss battles or "Titan Moments" as they came to be called. This time around we will also have such epic battles, like the "Kraken" from the demo. Any fan of GOW will be more than happy to see any new story involving Kratos but is seems that Santa Monica Studio is taking precautions in case players feel like this installment can't surpass the last. Of course, it is definitely hard to improve on killing the entire Olympian roster.

This time around the "Titan Moment" that they are employing is the Multiplayer component. This is the first time game in history of this franchise that would actually contain a stand-alone multiplayer segment. The news was out some time ago along with screen shots of the characters and levels but, only recently has actual gameplay footage of the multiplayer been revealed. Check it out below.

God of War Ascension - Multiplayer Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlbqWyfUs-k&feature=b-vrec

God of War Multiplayer Info

Basically the multiplayer is going to involve two teams of 4 players who would compete against each other to complete objectives. The objectives would vary depending on the level. The objective of the level shown in the demo is to gain the "Favor of the Gods". Once enough of it has been received, the "Spear of Olympus" is thrust down with which one the teams can kill off the Cyclops and end the match. The winners are decided based on overall points.

As you can see the map was littered with power ups, chests and traps. These little add-ons seem to add a lot of variety to the gameplay. One thing is obvious, using the environment successfully is key to victory. The experience gained from the chests and killing opponents will be used to level up the armor, equipment, magic and weapons.

For now these details have been made available regarding the multiplayer:

-6 to 7 multiplayer levels are being created exclusively for the multiplayer

-Till now the max number of players have not been mentioned yet and the total number is supposedly dependant on game type

-Objectives would change according to the levels; in some levels more than 1 objective would need to be completed to achieve victory

-There would be four Gods to select from: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Aires. Different Gods basically represent different “classes” based on which players will get different abilities

-Experience gained from winning matches, killing enemies and looting chests would give us XP which would in turn be used for leveling up and unlocking items.

-All the maps are going to be interactive as shown in the demo, with traps, chests, power-ups etc.

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad