Creators of Journey Go Multi-Platform

As you guys might already know, with the release of Journey, the "three game exclusive" deal between ThatGameCompany and Sony has finally come to an end. ThatGameCompany has since been able to raise a total of $5.5 million in new venture capital funding which will now allow them to release new games independently.

According to Jenova Chen, co-founder of ThatGameCompany, their new partnership with Benchmark Capital will allow them to continue making their trademark emotionally compelling games for players worldwide and across different platforms. So I will not be surprised if we see some amazing games from ThatGameCompany very soon that can be enjoyed by PS3, Xbox360, Wii and maybe even PC players.

In another blog post, Mitch Lasky, General Partner in BenchMark Capital, mentioned that he will be joining the board of directors of ThatGameCompany in order to make sure that they can provide ThatGameCompany with the resources required in order for them stay independent and work free from the pressures of publishers and platforms. Lasky also mentioned that he believes that ThatGameCompany can "bring to games a little of what Pixar films brought to animation; emotional depth, engagement with fully-realized worlds, and a strong sense of authorship."

Journey is currently the fastest selling game on the PSN and it would have been the same on XBLA or anywhere else. Journey scored a solid 9.0 from most game critics and we can only expect better games from ThatGameCompnay from here on considering their amazing track record and the level of improvement seen in successive games, from Flow to Flower to finally Journey.

Another exciting bit of info given by Chen was that we might be hearing about their new project soon enough! I personally can't wait to find out more. Now that they have no more financial burdens or other pressures they can really reach for the stars and achieve amazing things, not that they haven't already. So what do you think gamers - excited?

Prepared to see these kinds of games on the Xbox 360?

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad