Criterion Games Working on New Title

Thanks to dedicated internet crawlers, information for an "unannounced racing title" due for release in 2013 has been found within the CV of one of Criterion Games' employees.

Following on from this, the announced game has been listed on the LinkedIn profile owned by Need for Speed: Most Wanted developer's lead cinematic artist for marketing, positioned alongside the words "EA Games 2013."

Further internet crawling has shown that the game has been shown on another Criterion employee's LinkedIn as well, meaning it's very likely for a new Criterion racing title to hit this year.


No information from employees CVs has given any details on the game, and whether it's a game from a previous franchise or a new IP is also currently unknown.


A bit of a tip from Criterion to help us guess what could be next followed when Criterion said last October that they are planning to return to Burnout at some point, but it was highly unlikely that they would ever develop a direct sequel to Burnout Paradise. This leads us to believe that Criterion are working on a new Burnout game, but it could just be a red herring hiding the real game Criterion are working on.


Another possible game that could be released is a revival of bike combat series Road Rash, which Criterion released a teaser for a remake last year.


The final possibility is that Criterion could be working on another unannounced Need For Speed title, which has been confirmed to be released at some point, and as Criterion has played a heavy role in NFS's development, it would make sense that they would be behind this game as well.


Whatever game Criterion is working on, it sounds as if they will be busy for the foreseeable future.