Battlefield 4 Release October

Excitement arouse when EA's German Facebook page made a post to let its fans know that the release date for Battlefield 4 will be on October 31st for PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.


This has been previously rumored for the European launch date, but EA quickly made a statement on the post, and posted straight onto the German Facebook page.


The statement on the Facebook page was made by EA and told fans-


"We were contacted today about the release date of Battlefield 4, which could be seen on one of the tabs in this page. That one was merely a placeholder date, which was published by a technical defect. We apologize for this error. The correct release date will be available on the official Battlefield site."


There could be two reasons that EA made this statement. Either the October 31st date really is just a placeholder date, or perhaps EA isn't quite ready to release the real date. The game will release some point this year, and as October was the release date for Battlefield 3, it would make sense for Battlefield 4 to release in October this year as well.


EA may be being patient as they wait for the new Xbox to be announced and the PS4 release to be announced so that they can reveal a next gen release for Battlefield 4 alongside the current gen release.