Dead or Alive Streaming


Earlier this year, Treyarch showed the world a new innovative feature for Black Ops 2, a video recording tool built in-game that could upload video content straight to YouTube via your console. It seems Koei Tecmo has taken a hint and have now released details on their new video uploader tool to be released with Dead or Alive's version 1.03 patch.

A preview by game director Yohei Shimbori was uploaded to Tecmo's official YouTube channel, showing the new feature in action. The video quality was not the best, but for a feature that uploads a decently sized video for free to your account, it's not surprising.

Another thing to note is that the new feature only allows YouTube uploading via the PS3, however both the PS3 and Xbox 360 can make use of the uploaded via Facebook.

For professional and hobbyist gamers who like to record their gameplay and upload to the internet, this new tool is nothing special, especially due to resolution restrictions and control over video editing. However, if you want to share a sick fight with your friends, or show a group of people how you defeat story mode in a record time, this is probably a smart way to do so.

Dead or Alive 5's new uploader tool is a step up from previous tools like this in other fighting games too. For example, Street Fighter 3: Online Edition offered a similar tool, but would upload to a public YouTube channel, instead of your own exclusive account. With DOA5, players can upload straight to their own channel or Facebook wall.

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