Ghost Recon Movie


We all know that Ubisoft has become one of the biggest and most multi-talented successful developers and publisher of this generation, bringing us games like Splinter Cell, Assassins' Creed, and of course Ghost Recon.

The big games company is now planning to move their assets into Hollywood, with plans of producing a Ghost Recon movie. This follows on from the news of a Splinter Cell and Assassins' Creed movie release as well.

LA Times had recently reported that Jean-Julien Baronnet has been creating a pitch for Ghost Recon, hoping to get some attention within the media industry, and pull in a reputable Hollywood production company to help promote the title.

There aren't any details on how real the Ghost Recon movie is, or what the actual plotline for it could be, but judging by the video game franchise, it'll include a lot of action scenes and a lot of highly geared up future soldiers.

Video game movies have never really garnered much success usually due to the fact that games tend to focus more on content rather than the story and plotline, so when trying to incorporate a movie-worthy story into a world that was born in the video game industry, fans may feel that there’s a large hole in the finished production.

However, in my opinion Ghost Recon would make perfect grounds for a decent action/war movie, and if produced correctly, Ubisoft could step up their ground in the movie industry.

Would you look forward to watching a Ghost Recon movie?