The Dead Rising series has always been about killing zombies by getting all sorts of trash lying about the world and turning them into crazy weapons you'd never expect to think about using in real life, and Dead Rising 3 seeks to continue on with the Dead Rising crazy weapons legacy.

Microsoft has revealed a new feature in Dead Rising 3 that will take weapon crafting, zombie smashing and pretty much anything else to do with your survival to the next level.

Microsoft wrote the following: a new tier of Combo Weapons that requires at least three components (and oftentimes multiple steps and blueprints) to craft, and features unique abilities that let you decimate crowds of zombies with devastating effect. Examples include the Ultimate Powershout, a deadly concussive horn made of traffic cones; the Ultimate Grim Reaper, a flaming scythe made of a katana sword, a scythe, a gas canister and a mask; and the Massive Bomb, a mini-nuke that obliterates every zombie in your vicinity - along with your clothes.

Dead Rising 3 will also include a drop in/drop out co-op system that will allow players to quickly join their friends and have a zombie bashing party and then leave whenever they feel they've had enough. This will be the first time we've seen a co-op type system in the Dead Rising series and I'm sure the developers will make good use of it.

Players that join another players game will be able to keep XP, and they will be able to skip missions they've completed outside of their own game.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive.