Research and Science is used to Determine the Xbox 360's Scariest Game (sadly,
Viva Piñata didn't make the cut)

There are tons of video games that claim to be the scariest. Amnesia, Dead Space 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming are to name a few of them. Developers can always claim they made the scariest game of all time, but lets have science have a word on what is the scariest game on the Xbox 360.

User experience studioVertical Slice went and did research on what was to be determined the scariest game ever by using a various assortment of games, a 500-person psychological database, six live test subjects, and some special equipment that can measure a test subject's skin temperature, sweat levels, and heart rate.

The research team used games that were really scary and left out those that were only slightly scary. So games like Left 4 Dead, Alone in the Dark, and Mass Effect 2 were left out of the research while the research team focused on games that were really pants-wetting scary like Dead Space 2, Resident Evil 5, and Alan Wake.

From their research, they found that casual and hardcore players are differently affected by the horror factor in scary games, with the hardcore players being less susceptible to scares. Likely it is due to that they've probably seen it all in various other video games.

In their conclusion, they found that both groups found Dead Space 2 to be the scariest one of all. With monsters inclosets, character deaths that would make the writers of Final Destination blush, and darkness at every turn, it seems like a logical result.