The Kinect is being used to monitor your elders' health.

Before we venture into this topic, I have to say this: the idea of being alone in your older years is a horrible idea to think about, especially when you are getting on your years. With technology and society changing at every second and minute, we will barely be able to keep up with everyone and everything.

However, group of researchers at Missouri University came up with an interesting idea. They are looking to use the Kinectas a vital monitoring solution for our problems as we get older. The concept of the whole thing is fairly simple: Kinect units will be placed around an elderly person's home to watch over them. While the units are in the homes, they will be able to analyze the elderly's walking patterns and movement behavior, which can detect noticeable symptoms of health problems commonly associated with the elderly.

The theory was put into practice at Tiger Place, a Missouri living facility for elderly. The researchers were able to spot troubleamongits residents nearly ten to fourteen days faster than usual. While it does have a hint of 1984's Big Brother, anything to help watch over the elderly and prevent potential health problems from getting worst, is a great instrument for their (and soon our) health.