More updates on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 have been released and the news denotes a crisper gaming experience for everyone. The Call of Duty franchise seeks to put out the best possible product each time they release a new game and MW3 will be no different.

A group of Call of Duty glitchers are helping Infinity Ward sift through the new games multiplayer game play in order to resolve pending issues. MapMonkeys, as the community is called, has helped with past Call of Duty titles, and this time around they are spending even more time cleaning up the game play.

It is very exciting to see that Modern Warfare 3 is being taken so seriously, and it is obvious that the developers want to produce a revolutionary game experience for their followers. Myself included in CoDs large following, it is great news to hear that MW3s multiplayer will be virtually free of glitches and bugs.

Modern Warfare 3 is rapidly approaching its release date, and the developers are in the final stages of preparation for the game. With all the new developments there is quite a stir in the gaming community as to the new features of the game, and here at Evil, we are doing everything we can to stay on top of the new information. I cannot wait to see what the developer and testers efforts will mean for the game, and Modern Warfare 3 promises to be the most impressive title in the franchises history.