December Free PS Plus games

Since Sony announced the free monthly PS Plus content, I've always got excited to find out what new games became available at the start of each month. This month, things are still worth getting excited for, and Sony have packed December with a bunch of great games just in time for Christmas.

The biggest free game on the list this month is Borderlands 2- this game has been out for a while now, but a recently refreshed GOTY edition shows that there is still value to the game, so being able to get it free this December is quite nice.

Next up on the list is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the PS Vita. Not a game I'd spend money on, but seeing as it's up for grabs for free this month, I may find myself playing it in my free time. If you're not at all interested in Sonic Racing, you'll also be able to play GRID 2 on the PS3 this month for completely free too.

The final PS3 game is Dyad, although this one would probably be more suitable for a PS Vita port- unfortunately if you want to play this musical arcade game you'll have to play it on the big screen.

Finally, Urban Trial Freestyle has been made available for free on the PS Vita - Playstation's best attempt at matching the unrivaled Trials HD on Xbox Live Arcade. (it's free though, so you can't complain.)