steam box console price

Steam have recently unveiled plans to bridge the gap between computer gamers and console gamers by taking their huge library of PC games and plonking it on a brand new console. So far we've already seen images of the Steam controller, but this week new plans have been lifted on the actual console itself and a prototype for what could potentially be a $500 gaming console have been revealed by the manufacturers, IBuyPower.

IBuyPower is a gaming PC manufacturer that has gained a lot of traction recently, and it looks like Valve have laid it down on them to build and supply the console.

The first prototype surprisingly looks very similar to the PlayStation 4 - It has a blue light strip in the centre of the console and a very similar shape and build quality as the PS4, however it is white instead of black, but it's clear where IBP got their inspiration from.

IBuyPower plan to make two variants of this console, with one most likely offering higher hardware performance at a higher price, whilst the other offers less performance for a more affordable price.

Either way, IBuyPower has commented on the prototype by saying that both models will have the capability of playing all current Steam games at 1080P at 60 frames per second.

They also plan to get the console, along with a built-in Steam OS, out some time in 2014. Whilst we don't know details on both models, one version is said to cost $499, and the hardware inside includes an AMD Radeon R9 270 (which is a significant upgrade from the capabilities of both the Xbox One and the PS4) graphics card and a 500GB hard drive.