Although we're still waiting for Lost Planet 3 from Capcom after their unexpected release reschedule earlier this year, it hasn't stopped the developer and publisher from working on more titles.

This includes their new Deep Down game, a title that previously little was known about. Capcom recently revealed this game with a teaser trailer, and it's certainly looking interesting.

So far the game is said to be an 'online game' so it could be possible that it is developed as a persistent MMO- something that has popped up a lot recently on consoles in games such as Defiance and Destiny.

The trailer shows hardly anything, shows no game play, and only plays some strange voices that all start to blend into one another until they all become one cacophony of noise that then leads to the end of the trailer with an explosion.

It certainly has got us thinking, but trying to work out what could come from this game at the moment is almost impossible to do.

On the trailer, only the PlayStation 4 platform is shown, but an Xbox One version isn't completely ruled out. Regardless of which platform the game gets released for, Evil Controllers will have custom ps4 controllers available and modded Xbox 1 controllers available in time for it's release.