Although Kinect Sports Rivals was previously announced by Microsoft and RARE to be an Xbox One launch title, it has since been pushed back due to development issues and will now no longer be available at launch for the Xbox One.

The release date has now been pushed back to Spring 2014 for most of the world and Autumn 2014 for Australia.

Although it's a shame the game has been delayed, it will allow RARE to further polish and clean up the title, so we can expect an even more finished version early next year. According to RARE at E3, Kinect Sports Rivals "puts you in the game like never before, tracks your movements and expressions with incredible accuracy, and offers never-ending competition with your friends and competitors," according to Microsoft.

This is a bit of an odd decision by Microsoft though as Kinect Sports Rivals was previously designed to be the flagship launch title for the Xbox One and the Kinect meaning we will now have no Xbox One Kinect-based games available at launch.