deep down screenshotsDeep Down is a title that could possibly be a complete success for Capcom, or an absolute failure, but at this point in time, details on the actual game are on the low. So far, we're all waiting to be able to get our hands on the new PS4 exclusive title by Capcom, but we've still got quite a lot of waiting to do before Deep Down is finally released.

Capcom have been pretty quiet recently, but this week two new screenshots of Deep Down were shared on Twitter, marking the first time any new content for the game has been shared for a few months. Both of the new screenshots show off gorgeous 1080P graphics from the game, although nothing can be seen in the images besides from the background environment and a player in knight's armor.

Along with the screenshots, Kazunori Sugiura, Capcom's producer, revealed a bit of information about the release scheduled for Deep Down. Despite not giving any firm dates, he did confirm that the public beta test for Deep Down should be available at some point in the summer.

Sugiura made a statement saying, "Producer Sugiura here. Currently Deep Down is being developed intensively at GW moving towards the public beta test. PS4 users have waited a lot, but please wait a bit longer.
We're publishing two new screenshots of the game in development. The public beta test is currently scheduled for the summer."

The final release date has yet to be revealed, but Sugiura promised more information this June.