driveclub ps plusIf you can remember back to when DRIVECLUB was first announced, you may recall Sony announcing that there would be a free version of the game available that was exclusive to all PS Plus subscribers. Despite there not being much talk about the free PS Plus version of DRIVECLUB for a long while, it will still be made available, and this week Sony gave some details on the free version, and what content would be included in it.

PS Plus subscribers will be able to download DRIVECLUB for free onto their PlayStation 4 consoles as soon as it is released. The content in the digital free version of DRIVECLUB is slightly limited though, and it will only come with 10 different cars, and 11 race tracks. All game modes will be made available on the free version of the game, despite previous rumors.

If you decide to upgrade to the full version, or simply by the Blu-ray edition of DRIVECLUB, you will have access to 55 tracks, 55 cars and 50 tour events, so in simplicity Sony is offering around 10% of free content for PS Plus subscribers in the free version of the game.

Sony has also announced that any players who upgrade to the full edition of DRIVECLUB will still have access to it after their PS Plus subscription runs out, and this is something that was previously not possible.

Sony will be releasing a ton of new information about DRIVECLUB leading up to it's release, so check back here often for the latest news on the upcoming title