MMO Shooter


MMOs are slowly inching their way towards the console market, and although games such as Dust 514 are far from traditional MMOs like World of Warcraft, it shows that the social aspects and chilled competitive nature behind the genre appeal to a large audience.

Like Dust 514, Defiance is a FPS shooter with RPG elements thrown into a huge world where players can play with and against each other.

Players can sign up to the first Beta event over at the developers' website, although positions are limited so it's more than possible that many players will miss out this time round.

Also, the first Beta event is only available to PC players, however the game is making its way to PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, but it's currently unknown whether console players will get to play in any future Betas or not.

The first round of Beta players will play as Ark hunters, genetically modified beings whose purpose is to find and gather alien technology to sell to rich and wealthy treasure collectors. The Beta will also include a tutorial to help players get to grips with the game, and will offer tips throughout the Beta.

Although many MMOs put little focus into the storyline of the game, Defiance hopes to stand out by offering a deep narrative into the game, and will coincide with a TV show with the same name soon to air on Syfy.

A multi-platform release for Defiance is expected for April 2013, so if you're looking forward to the game, hopefully more gameplay content and details will be revealed from PC players, and perhaps a console Beta will be available before the game release.

Do you like the idea of a cross-platform MMO game?