Halo 4 MLG


If you're into the competitive side of First person shooters, whether for the social aspect, or for more serious reasons, you'll be happy to know that 343 have finally released the official Halo 4 MLG settings.

The settings are only V1 though, so all is subject to change, and change is definitely expected, especially when Halo: Reach had 8 different versions until it was defined perfectly, and Halo 4 has brought all new physics and gameplay mechanics back into the Halo Universe, so this time round it may take even more tweaking than before.

However, the base settings for V1 include a set structure, and it'll be interesting to see how the community adapts to it. The primary weapon on V1 is surprisingly the BR, taking the DMR completely out of the picture for now. There have been a lot of discussion over which weapon is best, and although there really isn't any clear picture, choosing the BR is a nice initiative and hopefully it'll stick.

Secondary weapons have been scrapped, and Armor abilities have been cut down to just thruster pack, Hologram and Hardlight shield. Personally I can see the Hardlight shield being the ability of choice here, because it's difficult to use the other two abilities effectively in a competitive playing field.

Loadouts will also include explosives and resupply for all players. For a quick recap, Explosives increases grenade damage to other players, whilst decreasing your own player's damage received from enemy grenades. Resupply allows players to pick up grenades on the battlefield.

The MLG Playlist with V1 settings should be available online sometime in February.

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