Destiny 2 Coming to Valve, Not Epic

At a time where the Epic Game Store is getting tons of release exclusives, Bungie threw Valve a bone by announcing that it will be releasing Destiny 2 to Steam, rather than the Epic Game Store.

Bungie and Activision have split up, leaving the future of Destiny up in the air, as the two companies worked together to release the title on consoles. A PC version of the game is due, and will be transitioned from to Steam.

All player purchases, as well as items earned and unlocked, will also come along, and you’ll use your account credentials to get those items. The move comes as the fourth expansion, Shadowkeep, is gearing up for release on September 19th.

The announcement comes after Bungie signed on to offer Destiny 2 along with the Shadowkeep expansion on the Google Stadia platform. It has since been revealed that Stadia and console versions will not crossplay with PC.

The base Destiny 2 game launched in 2017 and the PC version of the game went live on the Blizzard, becoming the first non-Blizzard game to be featured on the service. The game launched to favorable reviews, with many considering the game to be more complete than the initial Destiny was when it launched. The game even boasts 4K visuals on PC, provided your rig’s graphic cards can handle the load.

Bungie’s history of bringing out expansions for Destiny has continued into the second version, with Forsaken and Curse of Osiris launching to acclaim, as they add a lot of value to the base game.