destiny competitiveWhen I first heard about Destiny, I was quite excited. Bungie have always been so good at creating the Halo experience, but I was happy to see them try something new. Destiny is looking to be a great online cooperative experience that I'm sure many players will be happy to play, but it seems Bungie couldn't finish Destiny without paying tributes to their past, either.

Halo has always been a very competitive shooter, and it looks as if Bungie want players to get a little taste of that in Destiny, even if it isn't as fully complete as the whole Halo experience. Surprisingly, Bungie have pretty much kept the competitive side of Destiny under wraps, but thanks to the open nature of the recent alpha, we've already witnessed a decent amount of competitive gameplay.

A 6 minute gameplay video shows a 6v6 battle of what looks like a hardpoint domination type game, and the player-vs-player gameplay looks pretty smooth. It seems like players are capable of taking their earned gear into the competitive space, and their levels are also displayed similarly to an AI's level is shown in cooperative mode.

It will be interesting to see how extensive the competitive side of things is, and how that will be integrated into the rest of the game's experience. Hopefully we'll see more in the beta next month.

Destiny will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS4 this year on September 9th. A PC launch will not happen alongside the console versions, but Bungie are still talking about a possible PC port in the future.