Destiny Info.

So Bungie has given the world a preview into the world of Destiny. Although no gameplay footage was shown, we've been given a bit more insight into how the game will work, and what we can find within the game.

Always on Connection

This was a big gripe for some players, an always on connection just doesn't make sense when you don't need the connection constantly to play the game, however with Destiny it makes a little more sense, and according to Bungie, bad connections won't affect your connection too badly.

"Activision has run a site-specific infrastructure on the world's biggest multiplayer game for several years. While you can play campaign in Call of Duty without an internet connection, you can't play multiplayer, which is what tens of millions of players all over the world do. It's not flawless, but it's pretty satisfying for a lot of people so we're confident we can get the things we talked about today to work."

Bungie seem pretty confident the always-on connection won't be an issue too, and with Bungie's and Activision's experience put together, online play should be super smooth.

An always on connection will be needed for the game as it will be an MMO FPS and although it's not definite, no local play may be completely possible.

2013 Release Unlikely

For a minute we all thought the game would make a release for this October. The truth is, a rumor spread, and GameStop starting showing off some Destiny-esque posters, and everyone got a little too excited.

Geoff Keighley, the big game presenter for various events has responded on Twitter after a tweet directed towards him asked him about a possible 2013 release was to happen for Destiny. Geoff simply replied with "If it does, I'll be shocked." Although this doesn't really imply anything, it could be possible he's seen the game's progress, and he really doesn't see it coming.

Geoff could be wrong, but he's been a video game journalist and fanatic for a very long time. For now, we'll have to keep ourselves patient while we wait.

Gameplay Elements

As we already know, Destiny will be an FPS-based MMO. The game will be classed based, and players will be able to do quests, level up, and earn equipment to customize their character and their own vehicles.

The game may have a similar loot system to Borderlands 2, which I would love to see, however the game will be an MMO meaning you'll be playing alongside hundreds, maybe even thousands of other players.

The first Destiny game will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it could be possible that it will make it to the next-gen consoles later on as well.  Bungie do plan to support the PS4 and Xbox 720 with their future games.

More information has popped up after Bungie's formal unveiling, giving info on the world of the game, and the base game mechanics. I'm buzzed to see some gameplay footage, are you?


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