According to vgleaks, a new Gears of War title is being worked on other than the current Judgment game which rolls out before the events of Emergence day. The new game is told to be a real time strategy game, which sounds like an interesting concept: Halo Wars was developed for Bungie by Ensemble Studios and saw quite a large amount of success, so a Gears of War based RTS could work as well.

What ruins the potential for me though, however, is that the new Gears of War title is supposedly a Kinect only title. Previously we saw RARE take hold of all the casual-based IPs and turn them into Kinectrosities, but it seems now Microsoft has got hold of Epic and told them to make their own game completely Kinectified.

Perhaps the game could be successful, who knows? But In my experience Kinect has proven to be nothing more than a gimmick useful for sports and party games like Kinect Adventures.

The game is still under development, and by judging the screenshots on vgleaks, it looks like there's a long way to go before the game is completed.

The new game is rumored to be called Gears of War Tactics, and because it's so early in development, it could be more than possible that it reaches the Xbox 720. The 720 may have more sophisticated Kinect technology, and if we're lucky the game could work out alright, but I doubt it.

What's your opinion on a Kinect based Gears of War RTS title?