destiny player count

Whether you enjoy Destiny or not, there's no denying that other people do - a lot of people. In fact, it was just revealed that Destiny has reached a new record player count, according to Bungie. Thanks to the new sales coming in from the The Taken King expansion, Destiny now has a total of 25 million registered players.

This number does not take into account the amount of players who are active or who still own the game, but instead focuses on players who have played the full version of Destiny at least once in the past.

A lot of the recent growth has been attributed to The Taken King, which Bungie has called the most successful expansion for Destiny so far. Despite costing twice as much as previous expansions, The Taken King has already become a part of many gamer's digital libraries.

Whilst the expansion price for The Taken King may be considered quite steep, it has taken a lot of what was originally wrong with Destiny upon launch and has made fixes to these problems. It has taken Bungie a while to redevelop things to the point where Destiny actually feels like a full gameplay experience, but it's great to see Bungie finally hit that point instead of giving up on Destiny entirely.

The future of the current Destiny game is so far unknown, but it's unlikely the game will receive any more paid expansions. Instead, funding will come from microtransactions, which will mostly be cosmetic items such as armor shaders or emotes. Microtransactions will help to keep support for Destiny going whilst Bungie most likely works on Destiny 2 behind closed doors.