epic games paragon

After giving up Gears of War to Coalition Games, Epic Games has finally announced their new title, which will also be a shooter game. The new title by Epic Games has been titled Paragon and it will feature, well, we don't know, besides from guns.

Paragon is definitely going to be a shooter of some sorts but so far we know very little about the title. We aren't sure whether Paragon will be a third person shooter, a first person or a mixture of the two. Carrying on from this, we're unsure whether Epic Games will adopt the same cover based system used in Gears of War or whether they'll scrap that entirely in Paragon.

If you visit the Paragon website you can gather a couple of pieces of information - it seems like more information will be revealed over the following weeks as well. Paragon seems to have a number of different "characters," which will mostly all be playable. On top of this, there will be a number of unlockable items in Paragon, according to the official website for the game.

It's likely we will hear a lot more about Paragon in the next few weeks - the game has a PC release date for "early 2016." So far no news on whether Paragon will be coming to console but let's hope it does. In other news, Epic Games has also been working on a new Unreal Tournament game as well as Fortnite - a game that has been described as a mixture of Minecraft and tower defense.