Legend of Grimrock Developers Make Their Game Accessible to All Gamers with Limited Accessibility

When someone on the Legend of Grimrock's commented and asked about clickable on-screen arrow navigation for the upcoming Indie dungeon crawling game, developers said they had no plans to make said feature. When they found out that the comment came from a gamer with limited movement, they changed their plans and made it possible for people like the commenter (who goes by the handle name of HarpoonIPA), who uses a mouth stick for typing and gaming.

Legend of Grimrock is an old-school dungeon exploration game from developer company Almost Human (who have done titles like Dungeon Hack and the Wizardry series). These types of games are tile based and require simple movements to work with. In its older days, in order to move you clicked on an arrow on the screen, these days you can use the WASD keys on your keyboard, which meant the use of the arrow icons to be nearly useless until now.

So HarpoonIPA explained why he asked about the arrow icon usage in the game, the developers added them to the game immediately. This simple gesture has captured the hearts of countless people and gained a lot of popularity for the company itself. When asked about this small change, developer Petri Hakkinen stated the following:

"It was no big deal to implement it, so we thought why not do it...I mean, even if it would affect only the life of a single person, it is still totally worth it."

Hopefully Almost Human's kindness gained them popularity for their Legend of Grimrock game when it releases on Windows, Mac, and iOS later this year.