Capcom Releases the Latest Details on its Latest Sequel for the Resident Evil Series

With the recent announcement and trailer for Resident Evil 6 during Capcom's big 15th anniversary event in Japan, fans thought that would be all the details they would be getting for now. However, Capcom delivered even more information about the game beyond the trailer. It seems Leon will be joined by a new female protagonist named Helena Harper, while Chris Redfield's partner remains unknown at this time.

In addition, the trailer had a huge snarling beast which has been given the name of "Javo,". According to the new bits of information, Javo will have "an even greater impact than the zombies." and will be something of the game's Nemesis. There is a third main protagonist, but he hasn't been named. Some believe it's Hunk from the past RE games, but it could be someone else. To find more of this information, check out this article on Joystiq.