Developers Techland have had a good collection of games in their portfolio but one of their recent ones, Dead Island, seems to be their crowning glory. The reveal trailer for the game which was gory, emotional and artsy at the same time really got the attention of gamers. Even though Dead Island was not a perfect creation, this zombie killing RPG with beautifully scary environments and online co-op traits was both insanely fun and addictive.

Dead Island Trailer:

Since the release of Dead Island Techland seems to be keeping quite busy. Only recently they announced the release of a direct sequel to Dead Island, called Dead Island Riptide. The game is in pre-alpha mode and according to inside sources it already looks MUCH better than the predecessor! As you know pre-alpha mode normally looks really horrible so this is a very promising bit of detail.

But we are not here to talk about Riptide which we will cover soon enough. It seems that Techland is currently working on a brand new IP while working on Riptide. The idea for the new game is supposed to have originated from "an internally created weapon-mod" for Dead Island. That sounds intriguing enough right?

For now all we know is that the new game is code named PROJECT HELL. The reveal came from Techlands official blog along with info that states that we will be fighting our way through "hordes or undead minions". It seems that Techland is sticking to their recipe for success, undead enemies! But the term "minions" is the key term here.

Unlike Dead Island, this time around the gamers will be taken into a FANTASY world, back to the medieval time to be more exact where religion and the dark arts go head to head. Yes, it is going to be a fantasy action/RPG but, no need to be disheartened as the game will pretty much revolve around the dark action genre. As Techland states, "[this game will be] proof that chopping monsters frozen by magic spells using two-handed swords is brutally fun and addictive."

According to their official blog, “"Our main goal is to make a game we can all enjoy playing so don't expect unicorns and fairies - we prefer breaking through hordes of undead minions only to slaughter their devilish and loathsome masters in a bloody boss-fight.”

"To achieve that we'll use our experience already gained in game development and enhanced technology from Dead Island. We believe that we can make something really unique and trilling and hare it with you. Keep your fingers crossed."

Very promising indeed. Techland already has a solid foot in the dark action/survival horror genre thanks to Dead Island and their future title Dead Island Riptide, so it would be interesting to see how they want to implement all they have learnt into a completely different and unique setting.

Techland has promised to keep us updated about their new project via their official blog so I guess all we can do now is wait. But not to worry, as soon as we hear something new regarding Project Hell we will be sure to keep you posted!

With the game's theme being as dark as it is, no controller may be as appropriate then our Blood Splatter themed Xbox 360 controller.

Blog by Shahriar Azad