In all honesty no one was really expecting a fourth game in the God of War series, let alone this soon. Not that I am complaining, quite the contrary actually. Although I have to say that I was not as excited when I heard about the initial reveal. I just couldn’t see how Santa Monica studios planned to make this iteration even better than GOW 3.

But as we all know now, their secret weapon this time around was the brand new multiplayer mode. There is plenty of gameplay footage available now and initial impressions of it make it seem both fun and addictive. Pulling off brutal combos on human players looked amazingly satisfying and could potentially top the fun we had killing off the Olympian roster in the previous game.

If you are a huge fan of the game like me then there is a big chance you want to get something more than just the standard retail copy of the game. If so then you should definitely check out the Collector's Edition and Special Edition which had been revealed recently. The Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-order in for $ 79.99.

The Collector's Edition boasts a bunch of real world and in-game goodies which include:

-An 8 inch figurine of Kratos
-Steelbook Case
-Digital version of the Official Game Soundtrack
-A Dynamic PS3 Theme
-Avatar Pack for PSN
-Access to Multiplayer Double XP Unlock
-Pass that allows access to all future DLC

The Special Edition on the other hand will feature all of these bonuses EXCEPT for the 8" figurine and the DLC pass. For now the price is still remains unknown but it should be revealed soon enough. Considering the $79.99 price tag for the Collector's Edition, it would make more sense to just go for that. Access to ALL future DLC is just too good to miss!

God of War Ascension is dated to release on the 12th of March 2013 in the US and soon after in Europe (14th - 15th of March). As we get closer to the release date we expect to hear details regarding the DLC content. As soon as we hear something you can trust us to get you updated so keep an eye on our site.

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