Games - Devil May Cry Revamp looks like a certain Scott Pilgrim

At the Tokyo Game Show, Ninja Theory (makers of games like Heavenly Sword on the PS3) has given us a glimpse on their take on the series Devil May Cry, after Capcom gave them permission to take the reins on it and give it some innovation.


Looks a bit like Matthew Patel from "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World", doesn't he? The reason behind this according to Ninja Theory was that wanted to redesign the character and the game to better appeal to consumers of today, (this blogger feels really old right now). Immediately after the release the entire gamer blogging world went into some kind of civil war. A lot of people cheering it on because of the fresh new look, while other people were asking for Ninja Theory's blood because they didn't like the change from the classic white hair, chopper driving, pizza-chomping slayer. But only time will tell as the game is still in development. Things can change. But for now, I'll leave you with this: