Industry / Accessible Gaming News: IGN works with Children's Miracle Network


Video games for charity! Who doesn't love a business with a heart? Combining video games with an amazing cause,ÂÂIGN andÂÂExtra Life are pairing up for a 24-hour video game marathon to support the Children's Miracle Network.

On October 16, a team of IGN editors will play video games for charity for 24 straight hours with absolutely no breaks.

Readers and supporters will choose their favorite IGN editor and have the option to donate any amount of money ($1, $20, $50, etc.) to the Team IGN pot, where all funds will go to the Children's Miracle Network and the Children's Hospital and Research Center in Oakland.

Supporters can also register and solicit friends for donation, much like the style for Race for the Cure or Relay for Life.

Here is the link to the original article on IGN. Everyone get out there and support! Video games are an amazing way to spend a day, and topping it of with a good cause shows that you can do wonders for this world from your own home, partaking in your favorite pastime. IGN truly shows why they are such a highly esteemed outlet for video game news, and, above all, video game innovation. Good luck to all competing editors, including: Levi Buchanan, Ryan Geddes, Arthur Gies, Craig Harris, Daemon Hatfield, Dana Jongewaard, Nick Kolan, Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Charles Onyett, Jim Reilly, Mark Ryan Sallee, Kristine Steimer, and Nicole Tanner!