Error 37

For those of you who have waited a decade to play Diablo III, was it as good as you imagined? Well we all may have our own opinions on what we like/dislike about the PC game thus far, but I think we can all agree that connection errors were a problem we all hated.

When it came to launch time many of us had the game downloaded and installed; all we were waiting for was the servers to open up so we could set our eyes upon the Blizzard created madness known as Diablo III. However, once the hour came, what were we hit with was "Error 37" which for those of you who don't know, is an error message saying that the servers are busy. Now that is not to say all of us had problems connecting at first, but at one point or another it has happened. However, the major problem with Diablo III hasn't had anything to do with the game itself, the mechanics or the visuals, but rather with the connection errors. Knowing you have a well done game in front of you, but you're constantly having server issues is insanely frustrating. So, is Blizzard going to work out the kinks? Let's hope so!