Got that racing fever? Cant wait a few months for Forza 4 to come out? Go shred in Dirt 3, which was released today! Choose from 50 cars and over 100 courses, this is a game that all racing game lovers should pick up. With an emphasis on sick tricks and nasty conditions that you must traverse in stunning HD quality, Dirt 3 delivers on all cylinders. The biggest 2 biggest factors that really push this game into the upper echelon of best racing games ever created however, are the sound and the interaction with the environment. The reason I list sound first is because judging from the reports I have read, and since I am not a car expert myself, all indicators point to the notion that the sounds emitted from these virtual engines is startlingly realistic. The sounds of different terrain, the crunches of packed down snow, and swoosh of gravel and mud as you slide is just a few of the endless sounds I am referring too.

If you think you can wait an extra month to spend that hard earned cash there is the much-anticipated shooting game Fear 3. I had played Fear 2 for a few months on PC before getting hooked on Call of Duty (my lame computer couldnt it). During that time period I was so accustomed to having some monstrosity jump out of corners at me that I felt like my whole life was on edge. I would be browsing delectable soups at the grocery store, when my girlfriend would jump out from behind a an aisle looking like that creepy girl from The Ring, and I would scream like a pansy. Im kidding my girlfriend didnt look like that creeper, and I certainly dont shop for soup, only manly meats. When I was a wee little boot, I thought Silent Hill and Resident Evil were scary. Fear 3 combines the awesome fun of a first person shooter, and throws raw, thrilling fear right in your face. Whether its being chased by monsters in dark corridors or being startled by that girl from The Ring, Fear 3 is going to be spectacular and should be on everyones radar as a must have game. It hits stores June 21.

-Evil Nick