The most anticipated game of the year; Modern Warfare 3 is the sequel to the MW2, widely considered to be the best first person shooting game of this generation. In a sense, the first time I picked up a Ps3 controller last year to play MW2 (I know I am still new to the COD series), I originally hated the game. I found it so hard to adjust from Counter Strike and Halo games where your enemies were so easily visible and the guns were so straightforward. The beauty of the love for Call of Duty though, is that it grows on you. After many months later, I currently dominate and thats being humble.

However, Black Ops is a much slower paced game than its predecessor MW2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looks to combine the best of both worlds. The faced paced gameplay of MW2 with the all the glorious customization that we have grown to love from Black Ops. With a revamped graphics engine and a story line that is essentially World War 3, MW3 looks breathtakingly good. One thing I know for sure about the Call of Duty series, is that it's never too late to jump in, so whether Black Ops made you mad for some reason, or you just havent been engrossed since the Halo days, I am here to make you one promise: this game WONT disappoint you. In fact, I am going to make the bold prediction that this game out does every other Call of Duty ever made. On November 8th, 2011 our world will be at war.

Also, I would highly recommend picking up one of our modded controllers specifically the stealth adjustable fast reload. The reason being is that this controller has saved me from death quite often as of late. That extra split second of time after reloading really makes a huge difference in tight situations. Dont forget it still comes with rapid fire and auto burst in addition to the fast reload. Cheers!

-Evil Nick