Team Ninja Claims It Was Nintendo's Fault on How Other M Turned Out

From this article on Kotaku, Metroid's last installment, Other M, decided to take some risks and liberties with the game and its universe inside of it. And frankly, when you take risks you either succeed or fail. Unfortunately for Nintendo, while the game did rake in a nice bit of coin, it was deemed a failure due to the fan reception it got.

While the gameplay was great, it was the way the story and characters were carried out. Samus was turned from this near-mute hot female bounty hunter with an razor sharp no-nonsense attitude into a over-thinking, over-questioning, over-monologuing, over-emotional worry wart. If you were like me, you were holding up your Wii-mote with a blank expression followed by screaming "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!?" over and over again. Multiply that by the many who bought the game, and basically you have the game deemed as a failure.

But who is to blame? Is it the people behind the game, Team Ninja (who is known for games like Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive) claim that it wasn't their fault. Yosuke Hayashi of Team Ninja stated the following in an interview with G4TV:

"You need to blame someone from Nintendo instead [for the game]. Something Team Ninja is only too happy to do. ...the story for Other M was definitely the product of Mr. Sakamoto at Nintendo...we definitely worked with them on the project, but that was all him.""

The person Hayashi is referencing is Yoshio Sakamoto, co-creator of the Metroid series himself (who also directed one of my favorite games,Super Metroid on the SNES). Hayashi went onto claim that the entire fault should be placed on Sakamoto as Sakamoto had a heavy hand on the development in Other M.

So what does it mean in the end? Who's to blame? Well with the development team blaming the original company, what will Nintendo claim when the story reaches their table? Only time will tell.

Frankly, I really just want Samus back, in her suit (or zero suit) talking about 70% less and not being overly emotional about Ridley but instead of being more concerned about how to take down Mother Brain.