driveclub bikes

A brand new expansion for Driveclub has been revealed this week, and whilst information on the expansion is very minimal, we can still make an accurate guess on exactly what we may expect from the expansion.

As the title suggests, the new upcoming Driveclub expansion is called Driveclub Bikes. The Driveclub expansion will give players the ability to drive a number of bikes, which is a class of vehicle that was not available in the original version of Driveclub.

It's expected that more details will be unveiled within the next few days at the Paris Games Week, but for now we're stuck with very little information about exactly what Driveclub Bikes will be. Whilst a new content rating for Driveclub Bikes has appeared online, it's still hard to say whether the content will be a standalone game, an expansion for Driveclub or just extra DLC.

Whilst a full standalone game is unlikely, it would be strange for a content rating to be made for a small piece of DLC. For this reason, it would make sense that Driveclub Bikes could be considered an expansion of some kind, even if it isn't a standalone expansion.

Make sure to check back here over the following 7 days - Evolution Studios is at Paris Games Week and it's likely we'll hear more about Driveclub Bikes from them this week. For now though, all we can do is speculate. Let's just hope that the new content is great for new and old Driveclub fans alike.