psn esports league

Recently, the eSports industry has grown at a huge rate. We're seeing new companies get involved in eSports from all over the world. This week, Sony announced a brand new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users that will offer everyday players the chance to earn real money by playing the games they love.

The new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users is called LEAGUE, and it will be hosted on a seasonal basis. Each season, different rewards will be available for players across some of the main PlayStation 4 games.

As it currently stands, there are championships underway for Battlefield Hardline, Ultra Street Fighter IV and FIFA 16. As things are only just getting underway, the reward system is little confusing, but it looks as if there will be a small monthly prize pool for each game - each first place prize will consist of around 150 euros. Other rewards all add up to the cumulative rewards pool of 20,000 euros.

To begin with it looks like all championships will be free to enter, but in the future, some  championships could have entry fees. The entry fees could be used to help Sony support their new eSports platform and also to help them increase the prize pool of championships with entry fees.

It's great to see that Sony are opening up an opportunity for gamers to earn money from playing their favorite games. Hopefully this new eSports platform will open up a lot of potential for the future.