Dying Light 2 - How to Waste Seven Years Worth of Buildup?

Dying Light focuses on three interesting factors, which are symbolism, content, and fun. Techland understands the type of games its audience wants, which is why they created a fun and exciting zombie-smashing game. They armed their players with brutal and multi-functional weapons such as a grappling hook. Players can use the hook to swing through buildings and cut enemies’ throats. What’s more, players can upgrade weapons using extensions and components.

Another fun part about this game is that players can parkour to avoid zombie interactions. This skill was available in the first part, but the developer improved parkour skills in Dying Light 2. Here are some features you should consider before playing Dying Light 2.

Grindy Mechanics

Players love Dying Light 2 because of the smooth and sharp graphics. You can collect materials and build weapons or mods. The scavenging features make this game interesting and thrilling. Furthermore, you can craft medicines, collect arrows for bows, and lockpick while searching for the items. For instance, you can search for UV Shroomz in an abandoned house and use it to scare zombies in the nighttime. Also, you can smash zombie skulls with this weapon and improve your combat skills.

Dialogue Decision Storyline

Dying Light was a successful game for many reasons, but one of the major reasons is the dialogue decision storyline. You have the choice to choose alternative endings by changing your responses during conversations. However, the choices are straightforward which makes the game a bit boring.

The voice-over is also a huge problem that can ruin the tension of the game. Characters have a thick layer of voice common in open-world games. But with Dying Light 2, the voices take all the fun of the game.

Staying Human

There are many twisting concepts in this game, where you can protect yourself and humanity. The game’s main character, Aiden Caldwell becomes infected by the zombie virus and turns into a zombie at night. So, the lead character has to stay alive during the nighttime. The metamorphosis can only reverse when you enter the light.

What’s New in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 is a symbolic game with immensely enjoyable parkour skills, advanced weapons, and deadly zombies. Here is some advancement you will notice in the game:

  • City building system
  • Carnage-inducing combat
  • Locomotion and parkour mastery
  • Combat freedom skills.
  • Upgradable and customized weapons
  • Metaphorical and symbolic themes


Although the story can get a little boring, you can still enjoy the game by smashing the zombies. Also, you can collect and assemble items and fight zombies. Ignoring the boring storyline factor, you can have fun by creating different fun alternatives.

Dying Light 2 has impressive gameplay, but you might feel loops in certain scenes that make the game redundant. You can download the game if you don’t care about the storyline and just want to have fun by smashing zombies.