Hogwarts Legacy: Gameplay Reveal

Let’s admit it, as a child you always dreamt about receiving a letter from Hogwarts, we all did. But, as we grow up we disconnect from our imaginative world of Hogwarts. If you are a Potterhead, then you will love to dive deep into a magical wizarding world, with Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG game, where you can create your story and achieve your childhood dream. With this game, you can become the wizard or witch that you always wanted to be.

Authentic Wizarding World Experience

Do you still wonder about beasts, spells, and wonders of the wizarding world? If yes, then it’s time to take your experience and imagination to a new level. You can implement your imagination into reality and enjoy the authentic experience of wizarding world adventure.

You will agree that the most fascinating things about the wizarding world are the dark mystery, magic, and playful nature. Furthermore, the fictional world is so detailed that everyone can have a different experience. For instance, you can drink polyjuice portion, explore the secret chamber, and save students from trolls.

Create Unique Combat

You can overcome mysteries and learn new spells by taking classes. You can develop new skills from your professors and classmates and enhance your abilities to solve complicated puzzles and combat dangerous wizards. There are a plethora of spells and every spell has different casting methods. For instance, you can blast your enemy with Incendio, while Accio will help you to pull them closer. Also, you can take down your enemy with Petrificus Totalus. This means that before engaging with your enemy, you have to improve your strength and overcome weakness by learning a new set of spells.

An Action RPG Game

Hogwarts Legacy is a first-person RPG game and offers an open-world environment. You can find customizable weapons, magical beasts, and enemies. Also, you can earn skills and money in the game in numerous ways. When you start the game, you can explore a lot more than you can imagine. So, Hogwarts Legacy is a complete package for you if you love adventurous games. Since it is an open-world action game, you can create your own story. What’s more, your companions can join you through NPC so you can have a real-like experience of the wizarding world.


Hogwarts Legacy offers you the incredible opportunity to create your story in the wizarding world. Almost every Harry Potter fan dreamt about joining Hogwarts and solving mysteries. If you had the same dream, you can download Hogwarts Legacy and create new memories. Moreover, you can learn witchcraft, duel with enemies, and learn new spells. The game gives a complete open-world experience so you can relive the wizardry world like you always wanted. You can explore Hogwarts, finds secret chambers, and wander around the school in an invisible cloak.