Dying Light: Bad Blood Is New Parkour Zombie Battle Royale

Dying Light: Bad Blood has just launched as a brand new battle royale game based in the Dying Light universe.

Bad Blood actually uses the same world and game elements from the first Dying Light game, so it’s more like a standalone expansion than a full new experience.

Right now, it’s available to purchase under early access, but soon it should be available for everybody to play for free.

You’re probably sick and tired of seeing new battle royale games, but you might want to give Bad Blood a try because it’s a vastly different experience.

In Bad Blood, there are only twelve players per map. Players must focus on collecting blood samples as they fight zombies and collect better loot.

As you collect blood samples, you’ll inevitably come across other players and may need to fight them to the death. Not long after the game starts, a helicopter will land down and all remaining players will need to rush to the helicopter to be picked up.

Only the player with the most blood samples can leave, so there’s usually a bloodbath at the extraction zone as players try to steal each other's blood samples.

What’s interesting about Bad Blood is that firearms and ranged weapons like bows are very rare. Players will most often be using melee combat to fight each other.

The melee and parkour mechanics in Dying Light are very refined, and they work surprisingly well in multiplayer.

If you want a unique battle royale experience that plays like nothing you’ve really seen before, definitely keep an eye out on when Bad Blood goes free.