State of Decay 2 Gets Zombie Defense Daybreak DLC

State of Decay 2 has just received a brand new DLC expansion. This new expansion adds a brand new game mode called Daybreak.

Daybreak is essentially a co-op zombie defense game mode. In Daybreak, up to four players must work together as they play elite soldiers equipped with high tier weapons.

Players must defend against waves of zombies as they wait for a technician to repair a satellite relay. That's not so important, but it provides a platform for the wave based chaos to be born upon.

There are a total of seven waves in each match of Daybreak. As you progress through each wave, the zombies become tougher and more numerous.

On top of the new Daybreak mode, a new zombie has been added. It's called the blood plague juggernaut. As the name suggests, this thing is huge. If you get hit by this thing, you'll be infected with the blood plague. More hits will make your infection meter rise quickly.

The new DLC also adds six new melee weapons, nine new ranged weapons and six deployable items and explosives.

It’s nice to see that new content is being added to State of Decay 2, but this expansion is more like a standalone experience. It’s a shame that no new content has been added directly to the main State of Decay 2 open world game.

If we’re lucky, we may see more additional content to the main game in the future. For now, we just have the new Daybreak game mode.

What are your thoughts on Daybreak? Are you happy to see the new game mode added or would you prefer to see something a bit more substantial?