Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8 is a game that is usually released first to the Asian market, and if it sells well it is then brought to western markets, and it seems DW8 has now done well enough to deem itself a release over in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world.


Tecmo Koei has just officially announced that it will launch Dynasty Warriors 8 for PlayStation and Xbox 360 in North America on July 16th, 2013, and in Europe on July 12th, 2013.


Surprisingly, each region has had its region specific voice overs added to the game, and although Japanese with English subtitles is a choice for gamers, subtitles have been added for English, French, and German.


The game was first released in Japan in February this year, so by the time it reaches release over in the western markets, it's likely most of the game issues will have been ironed out, which will include the story mode that involves itself around the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, with a slight twist to military and political history similar to what would have been witnessed during the golden age of the three kingdoms of China


There will also be plenty of additional content in Dynasty Warriors 8, including 40 repeatable stages, more than 70 characters, and different scenarios varying on the character the player chooses to play as.



Are you interested in the squad based gameplay found in Dynasty Warriors 8?