E3 2011 debuted some amazing new games, consoles, and accessories that are sure to be highly popular upon their respective releases. The line-up of companies that had booths was also stellar at this years convention, and some of the best combined the aesthetics of their booth with the prominence of their new products. The most prominent booth, in my opinion, was Nintendo for the depth of their new undertakings, and the awesome job they did designing their booth. With the announcement of the new Wii U console, and the new array of games, Nintendo was among the busiest of the booths. They had a full-day wait for people to play the new Wii U, denoting its immediate popularity, and the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword didnt hurt their appeal to the public, seeing as how the Zelda franchise is among the most popular in the gaming community.

Another company that had excellent taste and products was Calibur11, with a futuristic booth set up that looked like it could be from Tron. The giant white cube housed Calibur11s vault systems, which are console-housing systems that do not void the warranty of your console when installed. The Vault housing systems on display were an awesome addition to the atmosphere they created with their booth, as they featured some stunning graphics and awesome accessories. The combination of Calibur11s stunning booth, and the awesome products they had for viewing were more than enough to make the booth stand out in my mind.

Continuing with the theme of creative booths, Disney had a set up at this years convention that went above and beyond the normal bounds of E3 booths. Disney basically created a mini-community around their new products; the booth featured a coffee house, a pseudo-home, a park, and a game zone, all of which took the traditional booth layout to new heights. Disney created an environment that incorporated their line of products with the illusion of going about a normal day: going through your home, getting a cup of coffee, and walking through the park. By far, Disneys booth at E3 2011 was the most captivating.

E3 2011 presented the gaming public with a multitude of news games, consoles, and general goodies, while pushing the aesthetic appeal of the convention to a new plateau. While this years convention is still fresh in my mind, I cant help but wonder how the convention will evolve next year, and which companies are going to make the best presentations.

-Andrew Waterhouse