Activision's CEO denied competitor's game at E3.

According to some news source on the E3 floor, it seems that Bobby wanted to get his hands on his competitor's game at a behind-closed doors event at E3. Sources tell us that Kotick's assistant hopped to the front of the EA line on Wednesday morning of E3 requesting (on behalf of Kotick) for the Activision CEO to try Battlefield 3.

There were discussions for a while until anEA representative showed up and explained that senior management had been informed about Mr. Kotick's request but it wouldn't be possible.

Kotick's assistant kept fighting to get her employer to play Battlefield 3 but eventually had to give up and walk awayfrustrated.

In the end what does this say? Could Activision be feeling the heat as Battlefield 3 took some of the thunder that Modern Warfare 3 has been gathering? Or maybe they just to see what advantages they have over EA's game? No one knows but it seems this bit of espionage is showing the tensions between the two gaming developers. We will have to see when Battlefield 3 is released on October 25th and Modern Warfare 3 released on November 8th.