Sony surprises everyone with the return of the heroic cartoon raccoon thief.

So among the announcements Sony gave at their press conference like Bioshock Infinite, Resistance 3, and other game titles, they announced something that took everyone by surprise by announcing the return of Sly Cooper in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. This was an announcement WAY WAY WAY out of left field. Especially for myself. You can see the E3 unveiling trailer here.

People may recognize God of War's Kratos as the "poster face" for Sony's Playstation, but I believe that if Kratos didn't exist, most likely Sly Cooper would be a front running contender for that position. Years ago when Sly Cooper graced our PS2 consoles, I was skeptic about it. I thought it was too "kiddy" or "casual". I was wrong. I fell in love with its humor and its gameplay after playing the second game in the series (as it was the only one left in the Blockbuster at the time). After that, I was hooked and played all three games. Then after the third's story, it was very likely Sly was hanging up his family's legacy for good (despite Bentley did give us a semi-cliff hanger).

According to the interview here, we get gameplay footage and information about this upcoming game. We heard that the current developer Sanzaru Games were worried that Sucker Punch Games were having their hands full with Infamous 2, so they decided to take reins and do main development of the game (with Sony and Sucker Punch's approval). In addition, a lot of the old cast will be returning including the turtle genius Bentley and Murray the Pink Hippo Hero. Thankfully from what we seen, it's living up to what the Sly Cooper series is all about, which is great gameplay, color, and humor. Expect this game to grace your PS3 in 2012.