Classic Mode Included in Thief

Some could say that games have been oversimplified over the years, and developers have taken the realism out of games by adding arcade-like features and blocky user interfaces, however, Eidos has now announced a new mode after Thief fans voiced their concerns on the issue, and they want to make sure that players of the new Thief game will have a chance to play the game how it would have been done many years ago, whilst the option to play with updated interfaces and mission dynamics to better fit today's mainstream appeal is also available from the start as well.


Whilst previous Thief games have been made under different studios, Eidos Montreal, who is also responsible for the recent Deus Ex game, want to make sure fans of the series can play the game through with a minimal user interface and stealth stays the one and only way to complete missions with the classic game mode, whilst newcomers of the series can get to grips with the game world in a more forgiving environment.


This new update follows Eidos' announcement to include hints within the game similar to the recent Hitman game to help gamers progress through Thief, however many Thief fans were upset about this as hints and tips were usually left out of the gameplay in previous Thief titles.


The Classic mode will allow earlier fans to play the game how they feel it should be, whilst new players of the franchise can learn to play the game from scratch within the normal mode, and then build their experience up to be able to play through classic as well.