Lost Planet 3 Delayed

Although Capcom originally planned for Lost Planet 3 to hit retail shelves this June, it has since been delayed and pushed even further back to August 27th, despite thousands of gamers pre-ordering the title.


The pushed back date was first swamped by other news by Capcom, and it's only now that Capcom have brought it to light, stating simply that "The release date for Lost Planet 3 has moved for business reasons."


This is not only poor marketing on Capcom's behalf, but also very punishing to fans that have had to already put up with their poor mistakes that have pushed back development on Lost Planet 3 and other titles in the past. No other information on the title has been given from the publisher, and Capcom have put themselves in an easy situation to be hated by the industry right now, as pre-orders have already gone up, allowing gamers and retailers to sell and place pre-release orders on the product.


Of course it's unlikely that this will change any pre-order benefits or commitments, but as a customer you expect to receive a product by its first announced date, and any later than that is bad customer service.


The 'business reasons' aren't specified, but it's likely that Capcom has decided to push Lost Planet out of the way to better focus on other games releasing in May and June, such as Resident Evil Revelations and Remember Me.