Elden Ring: 13 Years of Games in One Perfect Package

The Dark Souls series is a popular open-world gaming series, which includes Bloodborne and Demon’s souls. These games are older than Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto. In these games, you wander in the swamps and castles, puzzle out a hidden path, and move to a new destination. These games don’t need maps so you can experience the game in real-life. You have to remember the path, find the clues, and return to the old location.

Elden Ring is similar to the Soul series it is better with impressive well-designed open-world, hidden quests, and excellent combat. Here are some features that tell that Elden Rings is 13 years of games in one perfect package.

Incredible Fights

Elden Ring offers a wide range of opportunities to players due to its open-world structure. You can unlock new challenges, hack-and-slash fights, and navigate through the maps. Winning this game isn’t as easy as it seems. Elden Ring has similar features to modern open-world games. But, developers took physics to another level. When you and your enemy swing t swords, you both will interrupt each other with perfect timing. The best way to win fights in Elden Ring is to evaluate the moves of the enemy and attack them while dodging. Also, you can use explosive bombs and magic spells to win the fight.

Unique Tactics

By understanding the language of the game, you can choose the best move in a different situation. For instance, your health will reduce in poison-soaked areas. But, you can find a forest full of herbs nearby for healing. Since the map is so dense, you can use different tactics according to your judgment skills. Also, you can use anti-poison herbs to withstand magic attacks.

New Approach to Older Trends

Demon Souls didn’t create a genre but a trend that Elden Ring is following. This doesn’t mean that Elder Ring uses the same elements as Dark Souls. But, it offers an open-world arena with new enemies for one-on-one combat, advanced tools, and incredible scenery. The developer used the same approach with different elements to create a unique user experience.

Also, Elden Ring with high-quality graphics and incredible performance brought a new revolution to the open-world gaming universe. Unlike traditional open-world games, you won’t experience slowdowns, and stutter while the map is loading. Furthermore, with advanced graphics, you can clearly visualize every detail.


Elden Ring is an outstanding game with a plethora of weapons and spells to fight enemies. Also, you can use your IQ level to solve mysteries and levels. Also, the extended open-world map makes it an incredible game to play for long hours. Considering all these and the above mentioned features you can say that it is 13 years of games in one perfect package.

Also, Elden Ring offers fantastic aesthetics and visuals, optional content, secrets, and excellent combat. Furthermore, you can travel in an open-world environment to find hidden quests and challenges. In short, Elden Ring offers everything that you want in an open-world game.