God of War 2018 - a Continuing Trend of PS Exclusives Coming to PC

There was a time when you would only wish that your favorite PlayStation game was available for PC. Sony exclusives made sure that they did not allow developers to share their games on other platforms. With time, the Sony Studios became more accepting and developed games for pc as well. It is a major reason why one after another PS exclusives are coming to PC.

After the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn, the CEO and President of Sony Entertainment mentioned that he was willing to launch PS games for PC as well. By 2021, the company is releasing more and more PS exclusives for PC. For instance, God of War is a remarkable game that PC players wanted and now, they can finally download this game.

God of War Released for PC

January 14, 2022, was a dream come true for PC gamers as they were able to download and play 2018’s God of War on their PC. Santa Monica Studio introduced the brutal combat game on PC.

PS Exclusives Coming to PC

Here are some PS games that might release on PC soon:

1.      Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will soon release on PC after becoming a success for PlayStation. The collection contains both episodes of Uncharted 4, which include:

  • The Lost Legacy
  • A Thief’s End and Uncharted

Iron Galaxy published a blog that said the games will launch in 2022 on both PC and PS5 platforms. The final adventure released in 2017 may not be on PC for now, but it could soon come in the future.

2.      Horizon Forbidden West

Sony stated that their upcoming game, Horizon Forbidden West is not available for PC right now. You can play the game on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. But, people are expecting that Sony might change its decision by the end of 2022 and release the game on PC. Sony also released 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn on PC in 2020.

3.      Returnal

Returnal is available only for PS5. For now, there are no possible dates when this game will be available on PC. The release date is not here but with the current trend of shifting exclusive games to PC things can change quickly. For the last few years, gamers have been asking the developers to move the game to PC. That’s why we can expect this game to launch on PC sooner or later.


Although PlayStation offers an incredible gaming experience, many PC gamers still don’t get this console. They think that the PC is the perfect platform to enjoy games. Fortunately, things have changed and if you prefer PC over PS, you can play a wide range of PS exclusives on PC.