Epic Games Launch New Support-A-Creator Fortnite Program

To help support Fortnite content creators of all sizes, Epic Games has launched a new program called Support-A-Creator.

From now until December 31, you can choose to input the name of any supported creator when you spend V-Bucks in-game.

Doing so will help the creator to get paid a small sum of money based on how much V-Bucks you spend. Creators will be rewarded money regardless of whether you paid for the V-Bucks or if you earned it through the Battle Pass.

Everybody from Ninja to small streamers on YouTube and Twitch are eligible to sign up to the Support-A-Creator program.

As of writing, there are already 4,000 creators on the program and Epic Games are being rather lenient with new sign ups. If you are a Fortnite content creator with a small audience and you are struggling to bring in revenue, you may want to visit the Fortnite creators page to sign up.

You can then ask your audience to input your name when they spend V-Bucks and you will be rewarded. For every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by people that have inputted your name, you will earn $5.

The criteria for Fortnite creators isn't too unforgiving.

All that Epic Games asks is that you have regularly created and released Fortnite content within the last 30 days and that you have at least 1,000 followers on at least on major social platform. This could be anything from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to Twitch or YouTube.

You must also accept the Affiliate Agreement and Creator Code of Conduct.

Finally, you must be able to receive payment via one of the payment methods that Epic supports.

What are your thoughts on this new affiliate system?