Gaming News - ESPN To be more interactive with its audience

Let's take video games and combine them with sports, what do you get, ESPN on Xbox LIVE! The gaming world is going to become a lot better with this release. ESPN has decided to partner up with Xbox LIVE and make the world of sports more interactive. I think this is a great step for our generation. A lot of people enjoy watching sports, but never been able to interact. ESPN and Microsoft plan to change that very soon. People will have the ability to watch 3,500 live and on demand events. They can vote on who they think will win the game. With the Kinects coming soon, gamers will not need a remote to change the channel.

I think this is a very exciting a unique combination, but it will definitely need working on after this initial launch. The problems with interactive products are the bugs that constantly occur. Over time that should become less of a problem. There are the possibilities of gaming going 3D. They are already making ESPN 3D, why not integrate it with this. College football, college basketball, NBA, MLB and NFL will be at your finger tips. The streaming service is supposed to launch June 14, 2011. This is going be great step in the gaming world!


Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King